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The Final Book Is Here!

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There's a storm brewing - one that will
change everything...

The Unwanted Series
Book 3 of 3


The Unwanted Series

A Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy

If you enjoy books about; Coming of Age, The Chosen One, and New Worlds
You will Love
The Unwanted Series

There is a secret... a royal Wiccan one...


First In


Is it too much to ask for a date and an uneventful Prom?


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Young Adult Author
C. M. Newell

Lose yourself by turning a page

I enjoy reading and writing empowered female characters who can save themselves.


In writing The Unwanted Series, I wrote these for my daughters, to show that not everyone needs to be saved by someone else.

Labels and prejudice are something we face in our society and it's no different in my stories. The labels and expectations we put on ourselves are something we can face, just like my heroine Willow Warrington. 

The Unwanted Series is my first book series. Magick, Book I, is a 2016 New Apple Award winner.

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