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There is a secret… a royal Wiccan one…

Senior year just got complicated for 17 year old Willow, a long-lost relative revealed she is next in line for a crown - a throne complete with witches, fairies, and demons. In a land, she’s never heard of!

Her normal is turned upside-down, complete with a handsome warrior who’s sworn to stand by her side. Rhydian knows everything she doesn’t about the dark secrets of her heritage.


Can Willow accept who she is? Does she have a choice?


Her last big decision was a phone case and what movie to chill on with her friends. Now, a throne is at stake and her family and friends are targets to control her.

You’ll love this young adult story, it’s the perfect mix of fantasy and coming of age all about…

A Girl, A Crown, and Magick


Get it now.


MAGICK is Book 1 of 3 in The Unwanted Series.

A New Apple Award Winner


Reviews for Magick on Goodreads

"...Full of action and fantastic adventure, Magick will definitely appeal to fans of the 1996 film The Craft and the TV series Supernatural. I was surprised by how vivid it all was; Monroe paints a surreal world where virtually anything can happen and creates deep, complex characters to accompany Willow in her life..."

"...The pacing was perfect; I was never bored and I found myself not wanting to stop reading all the way through to the very last page! The magic system was very well developed and I loved how Monroe incorporates some real-life Wiccan beliefs and rituals into the story!"

"...Willow is a strong independent teen girl that knows what she wants and what she is trying very hard to avoid, her past. But it catches up to her and then she meets her grandmother. Willow definitely rolls with the punches plus her guardian Rhydian is a hot added bonus ;) So excited to see where this series goes!"

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