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Is it too much to ask for a date and an uneventful Prom?


For the newly crowned Wiccan Queen who’s still navigating high school, it’s a minefield.


Willow at 17 years old, is an inexperienced outsider ruling a land full of old traditions and prejudice with a revolution at foot. Never mind the balancing act of homework, a new relationship, and Phantoms hunting her.


You’ll love this young adult story, it’s the perfect mix of fantasy and finding your place in the world, it’s about…

A Queen, A Revolution, and Prom?


Get it now.


REIGN is Book 2 of 3 in The Unwanted Series


Reviews for Reign


"...Willow does not disappoint in her journey of self-discovery. Often times I just wanted to reach into the pages and shake her. Ugh, stubborn teenagers. But she longs for the traditional teenage experiences like a high school prom, no matter she's Queen of Edayri. She battles a dual life, sometimes as graceful as a queen and sometimes as clumsy as a teenager. All the fun awkward moments of a new love juxtaposed nicely with the rigors and stresses of learning how to run a magical country. Unfortunately, she'll have to learn the hard way that not all friends have her best interest at heart. She has forces working against her in both realms. Loads of deception sprinkled throughout. Lots of twists and turns with quite a catalyst ending. I definitely want to read book 3."  - Author Gabi Justice

"What an adventure! What a perfect follow-up to Magick, my heart is pounding. Can't wait for book 3, Sacred!"

"Willow has quickly become one of my favorite female lead characters in the young adult/fantasy genre, because she isn't your typical "YA Fantasy Female Lead Character." She has personality, charisma, and most importantly... a brain! She wasn't running around, chasing boys and making stupid mistakes, which I LOVED, it's not often that happens in YA books nowadays."

"Loved getting to know the characters even more and seeing Willow balance her crazy new life. The ending - wow! Perfect, just perfect."

"...Prom! Rhydian and Willow, I can't help but root for them and smile while reading.  Evan, he cracks me up in this one, some of my absolute favorite scenes are with Willow's uncle.  The family drama is the cherry on top."

Goodreads Reviews 4.3 stars out of 5
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